Please note that our WIKI is a living document, subject to ongoing updates and expansions as the game evolves.

BOSS FIGHTERS is an asymmetrical multiplayer action game where one player with or without a VR headset takes the role of the powerful Boss monster, while other players team up against it - all battle for spectators' amusement, ranks, and valuable loot.

Embark to online multiplayer! This is an asymmetrical co-op shooter bred with the physics sandbox experience to create a unique, innovative game to shake the gaming landscape!

Physics-based Boss playerโ€™s gameplay, the sense of scale and power while controlling the giant Boss, is set against the teamwork, cunning, and agility of the team of Fighters.

Hop on to free-to-play battles as Boss or Fighter, to become a futuristic superstar gladiator, to win valuable items, skins, and other rewards.

The game is essentially free-to-play, so almost all items can be received for gameplay activities or bought with in-game currency. However, players who wish to embrace the advantages of blockchain technology are able to expand their success, earn valuable digital collectibles, and compete for prize pools.

BOSS FIGHTERS is developed by Pixward Games, where top-class artists, designers, and battle-hardened VR developers create ground-breaking innovative VR & Blockchain games.

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